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TUJU | Rodrigo
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Managing the dining room of a restaurant is an almost diplomatic task: keeping customers happy and staying connected to the kitchen takes a delicate fine tuning. At TUJU, Lisbon-native Rodrigo Sobral is responsible for this role. He manages customer relations, before and after service, to ensure a pleasurable experience for everyone who comes to the restaurant. Son of the Portuguese chef Vitor Sobral, Rodrigo was raised around kitchens and has been working at restaurants since the age of 16. “Most of my education took place not in schools, but around pots and ovens”, he says. This is no exaggeration: Rodrigo began as an assistant waiter, but he really learned how to deal with customers when he became waiter himself. “It’s a challenge. Each person has a specific temperament and there is still a lot to learn. The good thing about working at a restaurant is that there is no set routine, each day is different from the other.” Rodrigo recently became a partner at the restaurant.