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TUJU | Mauricio
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When he first started working at a bar, Mauricio Barbosa (born in the state of Pará, in northern Brazil) spent three days washing glasses. The experience was enough to convince him that he wanted to work with cocktails, and served to show him that achieving this goal would take a lot of study. And that’s what he did: Barbosa began by diving into the history and preparation techniques of classic drinks. “It didn’t take me long to discover that my thing is working with people and helping to create a Brazilian cocktail culture,” he says. Behind the counter at TUJU, Barbosa switches between mixing classic cocktails and creating new recipes with Brazilian ingredients – in perfect tune with the restaurant’s spirit. He pays special attention to the preparation of ice cubes, bitters and craft infusions. In his experiments, there is plenty of room for spices and fruits from Belém, his native city, with ingredients such as the cumaru seed, the cupuaçu fruit and even tucupi – a fermented sauce extracted from manioc root.